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Student Work

  Mary's Homework   [email protected]  
Wong Tsz Yu 3E
Cheung Cheuk Wing 3E
Chung Pui Shan 3E
Lim Ko Man 3E



Tsui Hoi Yan 3E Chan Wing Yin 3E
Chan Wing Sam 2E Chan Ho Sum 3E
Chau Lok You 3E Wong Ying Kiu 3E
Ho Tsz Ying 3E Chu Ka Lok 4B
Yeung Yau Sang 3E Lau Ho Him 2C
Chan Tsz Ming 2C



Seven Years at CAC
Sylvia Tsang Nga Sze
7S (2005-2006)


A Love Letter
Ho Mei Yan
4B (2008-2009)


A Love Letter
Lam Sze Lei
4B (2008-2009)


A Love Letter
Cheung Siu Kei
4B (2008-2009)


My Wonderful Trip in Singapore
Tsui Hoi Yan
6B (2013-2014)


A City of Gardens - Singapore
Cheung Ka Yee
6E (2013-2014)


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Updated date: 10-03-2016